At Embry-Riddle, Dual Enrollment Students have a variety of courses to choose from spread across several academic areas. All Dual Enrollment courses at Embry-Riddle can be taken on an individual basis, or in whichever combination best fits the needs of each student.

Prior to choosing courses, we recommend that all students review our Course Schedule to confirm course availability, and consult their high school counselor on what courses are most appropriate for their goals.

Some courses may not be available online, or at our individual partnership locations. Course availability is subject to the academic need of the University.

Learning Options

Courses are available to students via two learning options. Online through our Worldwide Campus, or On-Ground in classrooms at our High School partnership locations.

Please note: Dual Enrollment courses are not available at our physical Worldwide Campus locations, or at either Residential Campus.

Dual Enrollment Students are eligible to take courses Online alongside our Undergraduate Students using ERAU’s award-winning virtual classroom technology.

The On-Ground learning option offers Dual Enrollment Students the ability to take courses in person from qualified high school teachers at their own school.

High School partnership locations may offer courses Online to Students at their School. Please contact the Dual Enrollment Office for more details.

Areas of Study