Academic Affairs

The Dual Enrollment Office ensures that the high-level of academic standards and quality associated with the name Embry-Riddle continue throughout the program.  Just like a degree-seeking student attending an Embry-Riddle campus, Dual Enrollment students are held responsible for knowing and abiding by the academic regulations and procedures required for continued attendance in the program.

All ERAU Dual Enrollment students are assigned to a Dual Enrollment Advisor.  An ERAU Dual Enrollment Advisor is the primary point of contact for all ERAU Dual Enrollment students as they adjust to higher education policies and procedures.

If an ERAU Dual Enrollment student requires clarification of any policy or regulation, they should seek help from their Dual Enrollment Advisor.

University regulations will not be waived because a student is unaware of established policies and procedures. The University reserves the right to change curricula, as well as academic regulations and procedures, without notice or obligation.