Dual Enrollment is widely considered to be the new frontier of 21st century education. With so many different dual enrollment programs available worldwide, it can be challenging for students and their parents to find what they need. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the support needed to navigate through these exciting opportunities. From Application through High School Graduation and beyond, we are committed to your academic success and will be there to guide you through each step of the process.

Your PATH Starts Here

As part of that commitment, we believe that consistent communication and support from the primary stakeholders involved in a student’s academic career are essential to ensuring a high level of student achievement and academic success.

Where to Start?

If a student is interested in this exciting opportunity, the first step would be to talk to their high school guidance counselor or homeschool administrator about the Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment Program. Be sure to discuss the possibility of earning high school credit for dual enrollment courses, and inquire about any state funding plans that may be available to subsidize the cost of tuition and/or books.

By taking this approach, everyone is on the same page and the student is truly set up for success!