All dual enrollment faculty shall be required to have their syllabi reviewed by the respective Worldwide College in advance of each academic semester (Fall & Spring). Syllabi should be submitted for review no less than 21 days before the start of the Fall or Spring semester.

Academic College Syllabus Approval

Worldwide College of Aeronautics:

  • All AMNTASCISFTYENGR, and ESCI course syllabi should be sent to

Worldwide College of Business

Worldwide College of Arts & Sciences

  • All MATHENGLECONCSCIPHYSSPCHWEAX and BIOL course syllabi should be sent to

When submitting your syllabus please use the following format:

  • SUBJECT LINE: [ERAU Course Prefix & Number] – [High School Name] [Semester & Year].
    • Example, ENGR 101 – Higbee High School Fall 2016

Please CC on all syllabi submissions. Any course syllabi that fail to receive the approval of the respective Worldwide College shall not be considered for Embry-Riddle credit.

Note: If the syllabus was approved for Fall and will be used again for Spring, it does not need to be approved again unless there are modifications to the syllabus.