Initial Clearance Process

The respective school district and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University shall be responsible for identification, application, and approval of dual enrollment faculty as outlined:

Initial Clearance:

    1. The high school/district shall provide the prospective adjunct faculty candidate’s documentation of academic preparation, currency, and experience to the Dual Enrollment Office. These documents include official transcripts, a faculty data sheet, appropriate third party documentation, and vita.
    2. Prospective adjunct faculty candidates for dual enrollment programs may prove currency through the use of relevant continuing education training (CEU/In-service) documentation/certificates and their current state/national teacher certification license in the identified subject area. These instructors will only be allowed to teach dual-enrollment students under the dual-enrollment FCCA. Colleges will be responsible for a collaborative vetting process approved by the CAO.
    3. The Dual Enrollment Office will forward the faculty package to the college designee. The designee of the college will review the documentation and signify his or her concurrence by endorsing the FCCA and forwarding the package to the Program/Discipline Chair responsible for the course.
    4. The Program/Discipline Chair/Department Chair will review the package, and signify concurrence by signature or electronic endorsement. Approved applications will be forwarded to the CAO. Disapproved applications or those requiring more information will be returned to the submitting individual.
    5. The CAO will approve/disapprove the application and, for approved applications, forward the approved eFCCA to the Academic Affairs Department where it will be entered into Campus Solutions and placed into Imaging. Disapproved applications or those requiring more information will be returned to the appropriate college dean.

NOTE: The Academic Affairs Department is the repository for all official faculty documents. Documents are imaged and are available electronically to Program/Discipline Chairs, Department Chairs, College Deans, and CAO. Worldwide College Deans will ensure that the eFCCA forms and instructions are reviewed and updated periodically by an experienced faculty member assigned as the course monitor.