Okaloosa Aerospace Academy

The Okaloosa Aerospace Academy was established in 2013 through a partnership between Okaloosa County Schools and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide Campus to offer Dual Enrollment Courses at Choctawhatchee High School.

Through the ERAU Dual Enrollment program, students will;

  • Earn Transferable College Credit;
  • Develop Skills that will Prepare them for the FAA Private Pilot Ground School Exam & Certification;
  • Have the Opportunity to Earn College Scholarships!

Thanks to the partnership between Embry-Riddle and Okaloosa County Schools, students can take these courses at no cost. 100% Free Tuition & Books!!


To be eligible for the program, Students must;

  • Be in 10th grade or higher;
  • Have a 2.75 unweighted CGPA

**Embry-Riddle also offers a course for incoming freshmen that does NOT offer college credit, but does count as weighted high school credit.


Through our award winning curriculum, students are able to get a head start on their higher education goals in these increasingly valuable academic areas;

  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Aeronautics
  • STEM
  • Business
  • and more…

The following courses are available to students for the 2019-20 academic year at Choctaw HS.

Please contact Dual Enrollment Academic Coordinator Amanda Bokish for more details.

This course develops the aeronautical knowledge required for certification as a Private Pilot with an Airplane Single Engine Land rating. Topics include; regulations, safety, pre-solo operations, cross-country planning, airspace, chart use, communications, weather, performance, weight and balance, aerodynamics and decision-making.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

Corequisite: ASCI 121L

ERAU Credit Hours: 5

 This course supports the aeronautical knowledge testing preparation required as part of the certification for the appropriate FAA certification or ratings. Students are introduced to airman’s knowledge testing (AKT) employed by the FAA and are also exposed to the electronic testing software and testing procedures.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

Corequisites: ASCI 121

ERAU Credit Hours: 1

An introductory course in aeronautical sciences that provides students an orientation in aviation topics appropriate to Aeronautical Science degree programs. Subjects include the aviation profession, the science of flight, safety, security and human factors; aviation resources; the aviation environment; and meteorology.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

ERAU Credit Hours: 3

This course examines the evolution of federal civil aviation regulations in the United States. Students will examine the past and present problems prompting regulation of the industry, the resultant safety, legislation, airport development, funding legislation and international aviation legislation.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

ERAU Credit Hours: 3

This course will introduce undergraduate students to specific aspects of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) flight and mission planning in support of task-oriented flying operations. Attention will be given to tools, methods, and skills used to support selection, configuration, and application processes during planning, pre-flight, inflight (monitoring and data-gathering), post-flight, and post-processing procedures. A comprehensive understanding of current sUAS systems and operating requirements will be reviewed and navigation concepts and components introduced. Unmanned aircraft contain a variety of system packages that are unique to the environment in which they operate. The student will identify the system packages available, and determine their proper operation during unmanned aircraft flight applications.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

Corequisites: UNSY 235L

ERAU Credit Hours: 3

This laboratory is dedicated to Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) flight planning techniques, procedures, and methods. Students will apply vehicle specific knowledge to create detailed flight plans and adhere to procedures.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

Corequisites: UNSY 235

Credit Hours: 1

Available in 2020-21 to 9th grade students;

This course is designed for 9th grade students and it includes high-level exposure to the foundation of collegiate-level coursework, history, careers, disciplines, and operations of the world’s aerospace industry. An introductory focus will be placed on aerospace physics (secondary education core curriculum components), engineering, management, operations, and maintenance. Upon completion of the single Carnegie Unit course (one academic year), students will be prepared for college-level course work in focused disciplines, and will also have an understanding of academic and career paths in aviation and aerospace.

Instructor: Mr. Blake Donald

ERAU Credit Hours: 0