GADE Resources

Georgia Dual Enrollment program resources are listed below. If you are unable to find what you’re looking for here, please visit our Resources for Students and Parents page for additional options, or contact the Dual Enrollment Office for support.

GA Dual Enrollment Textbook Guide
GA Dual Enrollment Parent FAQ’s
GA Dual Enrollment Applications
GA Dual Enrollment Course Directory
GA Dual Enrollment Award Amounts
GA Dual Enrollment Brochure

GAfutures Course Directory

The Georgia Dual Enrollment Course Directory contains all Embry-Riddle Courses approved for the Georgia Dual Enrollment program. Please use the steps listed below to navigate to the Embry-Riddle page of the directory, and contact our office with any questions.

  • You can access the GA Dual Enrollment Course Directory on the GAfutures website by clicking this link  “Course Directory”
  • After navigating to the Dual Enrollment Course Directory, the Fiscal Year should default to “2022-23”. If it doesn’t, please adjust. Then, select “Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University” from the list of options in the Participating College drop-down menu.

  • After selecting “Embry-Riddle” from the dropdown list, hit the “Search” button and all approved courses should appear. Scroll down to view.
    • *Note: Courses are organized by Category.
  • Courses are listed by High School (HS) and Post-Secondary (PS) Numbers and Titles, along with Credit Hours and Pre-Reqs.
    • *Note: Some Pre-Reqs can be waived depending upon Courses taken to date.

  • If the course(s) that you are interested in is not listed, please contact us.
    • *Note: Some courses listed are not available Online or at our In-Classroom partner locations.

Once you’ve selected your course of interest, please contact us for approval prior to completing the Georgia Dual Enrollment Application. We will work with you to develop an Academic Plan that will best fit your needs.

Textbooks & Course Related Materials

Students participating in the Georgia Dual Enrollment Program do not have to pay for tuition or textbooks related to their Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment courses. Prior to starting your Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment course, you will receive an email with details on how to order your course-related materials.

Prior to the start date for each term, students will receive an email containing specific information about their textbook and other course-related materials. Once a student receives this email, they are clear to place their order through the Embry-Riddle Bookstore.

To make this experience easier, a help guide is attached below that will walk you through each step of the ordering process. Please follow each step listed in the ordering guide, and be sure to contact the Dual Enrollment Office if you have any questions, or are prompted to pay for anything out of pocket at the time of checkout.

Textbook Ordering Guide
Due to Georgia Dual Enrollment Program regulations, any textbooks or course-related materials provided to a student must be returned should the student decide to drop their course prior to the established drop deadline. To return your textbook and/or course related materials funded by the Georgia Dual Enrollment Program, please follow the detailed steps below:

Items Required:

  • All Textbooks, including licenses, computer hardware, and software must be returned.
  • A valid receipt or packing slip is required for all refunds or exchanges.

Please Note: Return shipping fees are paid for at expense of the Student and are not refundable by Embry-Riddle.

How to Return:

  1. Package your items securely
  2. Include a copy of your valid receipt, packing slip, or confirmation email with your return.
  3. Please use a traceable, insured method of shipping for your item(s). The campus bookstore is not liable for lost or damaged packages.
  4. Retain the tracking number on the package and shipping receipt.
  5. Email the tracking number to the Dual Enrollment Office once the package has been sent.

All packages must be shipped to the following location:

Follett Higher Education Group
Follett Fulfillment Center
5730 Bowden Road, Suite 307
Jacksonville, FL 32216

If you experience any issues with the return process, please contact the Dual Enrollment Office immediately.