Partnerships Create Opportunities! The ERAU Dual Enrollment program is designed to provide world-leading aviation, aerospace, engineering, and technology education to students beginning as early as the ninth grade.

Together with local community leaders and our generous sponsors, Embry-Riddle is preparing the next generation of aviation and aerospace leaders.

Your Support Will…

  • Encourage Aviation/Aerospace and STEM Education, worldwide.
  • Grow the high-tech workforce of tomorrow.
  • Enhance corporate social responsibility efforts.
  • Provide career pathways for diverse students.

Bring Dual Enrollment to Your School

We value our partnerships because they can foster long-term relationships that can open many doors for our students. Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, therefore the course pathways offered through our Dual Enrollment Program can be tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your students!

To facilitate a strong, and mutually beneficial partnership, all of our Public and Private school partners are required to enter into an educational agreement, also known as a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), each Academic Year.

The primary benefit of forming a partnership with Embry-Riddle is the ability to offer your students the opportunity to earn college credit without having to leave the comfort of their school.

  • Participating in the Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment program gives your students the opportunity to earn transferable college credit.
  • All Dual Enrollment courses are delivered either Online or On-Ground in a classroom at your school, with no additional transportation required.
  • The Dual Enrollment Program helps keep your seats filled with bright and ambitious young students who aspire to a successful future.
  • Our MOA’s are written contractual agreements between a School District or School and Embry-Riddle.
  • The terms of the partnership agreement are valid for the full Academic Year in which the agreement is executed.
  • To offer courses, all Partnership Agreements and Faculty Training must be fully executed and completed by the following deadlines;
    • Fall – August 1st
    • Spring – October 1st

Become a Dual Enrollment Partner

As a sponsor of the Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment Program, your organization will play an important role in strengthening the future of STEM education. Some of the ways that you can support our dual enrollment students include:

You can choose to provide scholarships for:

  • Students throughout the Dual Enrollment program.
  • Students enrolling in courses specific to business operations at your company – such as aviation maintenance, unmanned aerial systems, or engineering.
  • Students whose parents are employed at your company.

Donations of computers, tablets, model robots, 3-D printers, software, textbooks and other high school materials are a valuable way to help engage students in real-world, hands-on learning.

Job shadowing and summer internship opportunities can be arranged for students who are following an educational track relevant to your business.

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