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Dual Enrollment Mission

A foundational set of principles drives all academic practices within the Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment Program.

Our mission is to create opportunities for all students and prepare them for the rigors of the 21st century by learning how to think critically, solve problems, ask questions, and embrace the challenges of exploration and discovery.

Program Goals

The Goals for our Dual Enrollment Program are as follows:

  • Putting the next generation in a position to respond to a growing demand for quality Aviation/Aerospace, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics scholars.
  • Increasing female and minority engagement in Aviation/Aerospace, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs and careers.
  • Making higher education more affordable and accessible by leveraging our award-winning distance learning technology at a fraction of the cost, thus reducing the overall debt load of students and families.
  • Establishing a nationally challenging curriculum that encourages, measures, and sustains critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry-based learning among diverse populations of students.
  • Positioning the nation as the global leader in STEM education and careers.