Foundations of Aviation/Aerospace Studies

Embry-Riddle Worldwide's Foundations of Aviation/Aerospace Studies will serve to enhance and complete a full four-year high school track, beginning in the ninth grade, for the Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment Program.

The Foundations of Aviation/Aerospace Studies course includes high-level exposure to the foundation of collegiate-level coursework, history, careers, disciplines, and operations of the world's aerospace industry. An introductory focus will be placed on aerospace physics (secondary education core curriculum components), engineering, management, operations, and maintenance.

Additional skills, such as academic strategies for success and exposure to distance learning modalities, will prepare secondary students for future collegiate studies. Upon completion of the single Carnegie Unit course (one academic year), students will be prepared for college level course work in focused disciplines, and will also have an understanding of academic and career paths in aviation and aerospace.

The dual enrollment tracks include:

  • 9th Grade Course to Pre-Aeronautics
  • 9th Grade Course to Pre-Engineering
  • 9th Grade Course to Pre-Aviation Maintenance
  • 9th Grade Course to Physics/Mathematics
  • 9th Grade Course to General Studies
  • 9th Grade Course to Management

For more information on the dual enrollment tracks, click here.